From Patricia to Ellee

Thanks for showing me how to use Hootsuite yesterday. I had great fun using it last night.

From Patricia to Helen

Thank you for letting me change my role. There's loads to do but I'm loving it.

From Patricia to Amanda, Sharon, Anna and Anne

Thank you for the way you looked after me when I was downstairs with you. I really appreciated the way you looked after me, from cups of tea to protecting my time from distracting calls. x

From Patricia to Mel

Thanks for organising this morning's meeting. I enjoyed it and it was useful. Now I'm busy looking for the new cheese.

From Lisa Masters to Young Adult Carers of Peterborough and Cambridgeshire

A huge thank you for making me smile when it's really my job to make you feel better. You showing me that it doesn't always matter what life throws at you it still goes on (and its worth it) and for being so honest, open and knowing when you need to ask for support. I salute you.

From Patricia to Su

Thank you for creating the supporter's newsletter with me. I really enjoyed it and loved the outcome.

From Patricia to Paulo

Thank you for going the extra mile in the work you've done for me. It's much appreciated.