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Mental Health & Wellbeing.

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Optimise performance with techniques proven by science

Training over 12,000 people within world leading organisations has taught us a lot.  The short story is awareness of mental health and wellbeing has increased. The main challenge is now behaviour change. How can organisations effectively support leaders, managers and teams to reduce stress, enhance focus and strengthen  resilience? That's what we do, using techniques proven by science.

Our primary aim is to help everyone:

  • Enhance focus to do their most important work

  • Reduce the impact of stress & difficult thoughts

  • Create an effective daily pause to find clarity & perspective

  • Strengthen relationships to improve communication and performance


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Mental Health & Wellbeing Options


Master Time & Focus

  • Focus your energy on the most important work

  • Manage workload more effectively

  • Reduce distraction

  • Strengthen resilience - Learn more here


Recharge & Refocus

  • Manage difficult thoughts more effectively

  • Establish a ‘protective pause’ each day

  • Learn what how to train and protect your attention - mini mindfulness

  • Reduce stress and enhance focus - Learn more here


Super Sleep Method

  • Understand the science showing what influences our sleep

  • Learn the most effective methods proven by sleep studies to help improve sleep

  • Plan which techniques to test as part of your daily routine - learn more here


Strengthen Team Resilience

The simplest way to help teams cope better and perform better. Improve effectiveness, reduce stress and enhance focus. Learn more here


Manage Mental Wellbeing 

Provide managers with the expertise they need to manage team stress more effectively. Strengthen team resilience and stay inline with legislation. Learn more here


Learn more here


Learn more here

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Mental Wellbeing Review

Understand your organisations needs clearly to meet needs more effectively. Move beyond 'increasing awareness' to effective behaviour change. Better data means better decisions. Learn more here


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