4 Breath Update

Every two weeks or so I publish the 4 Breath Update to about 5000 people.  The aim is to send you a mini collection of potentially useful things every few weeks.

Keep expectations low. All I can promise is that I will have tested them on myself (and often my family & groups) and will have found them beneficial in some way.

The recurring themes with be, protecting time, mindfulness, neuroscience and tiny habits that make life feel a little easier.

Wishing you a moment for you today.


I’m now officially off all social media.

I could tell you I’m doing it because of all the data supporting how it erodes our ability to concentrate or have meaningful conversations.

But the truth is I want to focus my time on Deep Work. The most important stuff. From projects that inspire meaningful benefit, to playing frisbee with my children in the garden. Deep Work isn't always serious. Sometimes it's just being with people you love and giving them your undivided attention.

Everyone is different. So I’m not preaching. You know what's best for you. I’m simply explaining that I found that 95% of the time social media made me feel the same or worse. I want to spend my time doing things that will help me feel good. That's all.

P.S - I have left the twitter links below because these might still be useful for people months or even years down the line.