From Dawn to Rosie & Donna

Thank you both for your support over the last few months (both when I've been on leave and here!). The difference it has made has been bigger than you may have realised or I could have hoped!

From Emma, HR to all my ARHC colleagues

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all my amazing colleagues at Arthur Rank Hospice for all your hard work both clinically and non-clinically. It's been a great first year with you all and you are all part of why I love my job. I look forward to our move and working with you all in the years ahead. :)

From Patricia to Ellee

Thanks for showing me how to use Hootsuite yesterday. I had great fun using it last night.

From Patricia to Helen

Thank you for letting me change my role. There's loads to do but I'm loving it.

From Patricia to Amanda, Sharon, Anna and Anne

Thank you for the way you looked after me when I was downstairs with you. I really appreciated the way you looked after me, from cups of tea to protecting my time from distracting calls. x

From Patricia to Mel

Thanks for organising this morning's meeting. I enjoyed it and it was useful. Now I'm busy looking for the new cheese.