Proven, effective methods to help you communicate in a more productive way and handle those difficult conversations more effectively

"Say what you mean and create the space to understand"


Key Points:

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  • Determine what effective communication means. Where do we start?

  • How to strengthen the relationships most important to us; work & home

  • Defusing difficult conversations; How to respond to difficult behaviour

  • The power of Deep Listening to understand and communicate meaning more effectively


How is it delivered?

  • One Hour Seminar

  • Habit Forming Nudge Course

One hour seminar session to learn the techniques, understand the neuroscience and acknowledge which of our current habits help us and which hinder us. Feel confident about what we need to change and how we can change it.

To bring these benefits into our daily life the seminar is followed by the Recharge Communication Nudge Course. One simple technique per day (over one week) to help the creation of useful habits. Bringing proven actions into your day to make them accessible. Delivered via email. Simple, easy to understand & do.

The Recharge Communication Nudge Course also has an optional competition element. The people with the biggest progress (no matter their starting point) win the opportunity to have a bunch of flowers sent to a person of their choice. Why? Because everyone behaves differently when they know action is measured - even if only in a fun way.

Maximum number of attendees: 200

Cost £650 - Nudge Course up to 50 people

Cost £850 - Nudge Course up to 200 people


The option 2 version of this course is the Managing Conversations With People In Difficult Situations course - read more here.


The Professional Benefits:

  • Strengthen relationships with colleagues - vital to our wellbeing & productivity

  • Feel more confident handling those pressured and difficult conversations

  • Achieve clarity of perspective quicker - more decisive, effective decisions


The Personal Benefits:

  • Reduce self criticism - learn how to mentally exhale to prevent stress from complicating a conversation

  • Strengthen relationships with loved ones - vital to our wellbeing & productivity

  • Feel more confident in communicating what you really mean


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