"I would like to thank everyone who works or volunteers for our fabulous hospice. We have had two years of change and everyone has smiled and just carried on doing their job with all their heart."  

 Dr Lynn Morgan, CEO, Arthur Rank


"To all Carers Trust ambassadors. Thank you for being there for others who can't say thanks. Especially as I know it's been a particularly tough year for some of you."

Dr Helen Hunt, CEO, Carers Trust


"Expressing gratitude is a profound sign of a relationship, and is often far more deeply appreciated than we can ever realise.  It’s a positive, even a healing thing.  So Gratitude Week is a wonderful opportunity to make it clear that care and service do indeed make important relationships, and that they work both ways, for giver and receiver." 

Dr Rowan Williams, Master, Magdalene College, Cambridge University


"Sometimes we all feel a little taken for granted. Gratitude is the simplest, most effective remedy. Helping us reduce stressful thoughts, strengthen relationships and give ourselves a little self kindness. We all deserve to feel appreciated."

Sam Thorogood - Gratitude Week Founder

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