From Roxana Pérez Muñoz to Teresa Perez-Baron

Thanks for your patience and support completing tasks during my first months. It´s been a long induction and I appreciate you effort. Be sure I´ll keep doing my best so soon I wont steal you so much time.

From Virginia to Lauren Juggler

Thanks for our chat when I was in London at the beginning of the year, for sharing so honestly and personally - It really made a difference.

From Nicki to Maria Jose Gonzalez

Dear Maria, Thank you for staying patient and calm even though I know you are extremely busy with the IT reforecast work at the moment. Thank you for all your hard work it's really appreciated.

From Frida to Ignacio Navarro

Gracias por trabajar en equipo conmigo y superar juntxs temas bien complejos. Y por seguir siendo mi amigo.

From Liz to Sacha Draper

Thank you for being such a great person to work with! I have really enjoyed our collaboration over the last year.

From Sujit Peris to Emma Hanley

Thanks for being great to work with and showing me that you can always give your best even when you face tough challenges.

From Barbara D to Jenna T

Thank you very much for taking up the rest of my work (and all the complications going with it) when I started the new job. You've been fabulous at it and I miss working with you!