Strengthen Team Resilience

Improve Team Relationships

Reduce Stress  

Enhance Focus

Strengthen Team Resilience


"Studies show that teams with higher levels of resilience cope better and perform better."

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What's Covered?

  • Understand exactly what resilience is and why it's important for teams.

  • Learn what strengthens and weakens resilience in teams and how this affects performance.

  • Create a simple plan personalised to your team to help reduce stress and strengthen resilience.

  • Learn some simple techniques, proven by science, to strengthen relationships and self manage stress.


How Is It Delivered?

Step 1:  Learn the concepts, understand the science and create a tailored plan to test (2 hours). Either as one dedicated team/department. Or as a group of managers.

Step 2: Receive nudges designed by behavioural science to help you stay on track (choose the format that works best for you and your team, over 2 - 4 weeks).

Step 3: Understand what proved effective and what didn't. Learn collaboratively and cement simple effective cultural habits for your team (1 hour).


The Professional Benefits:

  • Strengthen relationships & enhance communication.

  • Develop self awareness, empathy and self regulation (deal with the tough situations more effectively).

  • Increase confidence of individuals and the team as a whole.

  • Achieve clarity of perspective quicker - more decisive, effective decisions.


The Personal Benefits:

  • Reduce self criticism - learn a more effective response to stress.

  • Manage challenging situations and relationships more effectively.

  • Create a little space each day for higher quality mini breaks -to recharge willpower and feel calmer.

  • Create a moment for yourself to find a little perspective. Less mindless rushing and more productive action.



One dedicated team or department - £1200 - up to 40 attendees

A group of dedicated managers - £1400 - up to 12 attendees


The Inspiration Behind It

Lots of people are managed with negative data; what's gone wrong, mistakes, how far behind target, etc. This data is obviously vital and important. However, it causes a sensation of almost continual stress and anxiety. While also creating a mindset of ‘let's look for the negative’. This is then combined with a huge volume of work and ever shorter deadlines.

The resilience of the human brain is just like a team, it never stands still. It's either getting stronger or its getting weaker. 

The aim of Strengthen Team Resilience is to equip teams with proven techniques which can quickly become useful habits. To help everyone reduce stress, enhance focus & strengthen relationships. Helping teams cope better and perform better. To recover more quickly from tough situations. To celebrate the progress and achievements. Creating a simple process that helps protect staffs mental wellbeing while improving performance.


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