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This is a well - researched course with lots of practical but easy to implement tips - I was very impressed with the results
Even in the first week, changes in my habits and night-time rituals gave me better and longer sleep. The realisation that it’s more in my control than I’d been giving myself credit for was incredibly liberating. Having a better bank of sleep is making me feel more in control and fortified than I usually do! :D Sam’s dedication to the idea that we can all sleep better is inspiring.
‘ Sam Thorogood gave an excellent presentation to a mixed group of adults and Sixth Formers on ‘Better Sleep’. In the mindfulness sessions, you could have heard a pin drop – and one lady actually did go to sleep! The talk was informative, packed full of impressive latest scientific data and details, but also funny, sensitive and fully appreciative of our busy lives. The most important message was that it does not take much to change things for the better; that was really encouraging for parents, teachers and pupils alike. We could all go away from the talk realising that it was now within our gift to alter and improve our sleep that very night. Wonderful!’

Caroline Wiedermann
The Leys School, Cambridge
Director of Pastoral Care