Help the person you care for put their thoughts in order to find clarity & peace of mind.

The simplest way to help a person get perspective on their achievements, make peace with the people they care about and pass on stories from their lifetime.

The science is a clear: Life is to short to live with regrets. Perspective for gratitude improves quality of life.

So Gratitude Week is a wonderful opportunity to make it clear that care and service do indeed make important relationships, and that they work both ways, for giver and receiver.
— Dr Rowan Williams, Magdelene College, Cambridge

How does it work?

  • Any third sector organisation can participate and benefit from Gratitude Week . All participants will receive a ‘Gratitude Nudge’ and be able to post a public quote of thanks on the communal Appreciation Wall. This option is cost free but only open to those organisations whose CEO has posted a Gratitude Quote.

  • When the leader of an organisation expresses gratitude it gives others in the organisation permission to create the time to do the same. The data is clear; the most effective teams are those with the highest social cohesion (communicate best). This has a bigger influencing factor on productivity than IQ or experience. One of the most effective ways to strengthen social cohesion? Gratitude.

  • You can also choose to run an exclusive Gratitude week dedicated to your staff, supporters & volunteers. See below. You organisation saves 20% if your CEO has posted a gratitude quote.

  • You choose the week. We do the rest. Works brilliantly as a stand alone experience or excellently as part of a wellbeing week.

  • We create and manage a dedicated Appreciation Wall for your organisation. See a recent example here. This can be a carefully designed webpage or real life ‘wall’. Let us know which you prefer.

  • All staff who participate receive a ‘Gratitude Nudge’. One email a day (over 5 days) with 2 simple, proven techniques. One proven way of effectively expressing appreciation. One High Quality Mini Rest proven by Neuroscience.

  • The legacy of the kindness and appreciation shared by the organisation can last all year. We combine all the Gratitude quotes for you onto a poster or wall print that you can display for all staff, stakeholders and visitors to see.

What Cancer Research & Cambridge University Hospital participants declared they had achieved during Gratitude Week:

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Where did the idea come from?

Most people work hard. They care about doing a good job. And they often feel under appreciated.

I train 100's of people per week across many sectors and organisational cultures. Appreciation comes up again and again.

Why am I particularly interested in appreciation? Because it's a quick win.  In regards to time, it's an exceptional return on investment.

Helping people feel appreciated does something very powerful. It shifts their perspective and our own. This enhancement in perspective is demonstrated in different ways (because we are all different). Examples:

  • People try a little harder - even if they are trying hard already

  • People reduce self criticism - which reduces stress & increases confidence

  • People become more self aware - improves quality of communication

  • People feel happier when they go home - better work life balance

  • We feel better. Ticking off something thats been hanging around on our mental 'to do' list for months. And it only took a few moments.

You can read some of the data here. But before you do. Just ask yourself; how does it feel when someone makes you feel appreciated? What does it do for you?



Our youngest children were twins born straight into intensive care at NICU in Addenbrookes. That was nearly 11 years ago (they survived).

How can we begin to thank all the people who helped them live? We did a charity walk for ACT but that was years ago. When someone has been treated in hospital your lives don't suddenly return to normal when they come out. Life can feel overwhelming. (Ours definitely did). And I know I said thank you at the time, but how can those few words, in the heat of the moment, express the gratitude I feel. For all the moments since that day.

One specific thank you, is just one specific thank you. But if someone sees it and reads it, at the end of a tough shift, who knows, it might just give them a tiny lift to carry on. Or maybe realise, in some tiny way, that it's all worth it. Their actions do make a difference.