Mental Wellbeing Reveiw

How can we help staff reduce stress?

How can we make sure we are up to HSE stress management standards?

How can we support managers and teams to manage mental wellbeing (stress, days off sick) more effectively?

How can we support our workforce in general to maintain and improve their physical and mental health?


The Mental Wellbeing Review is a dedicated service to review the organisations current mental wellbeing strategy and staff needs. The key aim is to identify the gaps and create a simple plan to fill them. Using the advice and guidance of someone who has engaged over 12,000 people to improve their mental and physical wellbeing, across 100 organisations, from surgeons to programmers, from scientists to administrators.

Every organisation is slightly different. The purpose of the review is to help you shape a strategy that empowers you to get the recipe right for your staff.

The key word is ‘effective’. All organisations have some kind of wellbeing strategy. The challenge for most is that they know they should probably be doing more around mental wellbeing (due to both national and internal stress data) but they are not exactly sure what to do. What's the most effective route for us? That's the question the Mental Wellbeing Review will answer. Helping you save time and budget. But most importantly, meeting staff needs more effectively.

What the CIPD say about the importance of wellbeing strategy - more here

  • Investing in well-being can lead to greater resilience, innovation and productivity.

  • HR professionals are pivotal to steering the health and well-being agenda.

  • Good leadership and management practices are required to successfully implement a well-being strategy.

  • Well-being strategies need to be tailored to the organisation’s unique needs and characteristics.


"Most organisations are pretty good at increasing awareness around mental and physical wellbeing but not so good at delivering effective behaviour change. - Effective behaviour change is our niche."


Effective Outcomes

  • Staff self manage stress and strengthen resilience.

  • Create simple processes that mean all managers (irrespective of managerial ability) will be equipped to support staffs mental wellbeing more effectively.

  • Use peer support to increase physical activity.

  • Increase engagement.

  • Genuinely increases retention and reduce turnover.

  • Reduce time off sick.

  • Make the same budget go further.


How It Works

  • Book in your organisations Mental Wellbeing Review.

  • A date is organised for Tiny Pause founder Sam Thorogood to come on site to meet with the HR (or H&S) team and then separately with a group of staff to identify the main challenges.

  • A specific set of Mental Wellbeing Review questions are sent out to staff via email. We have learnt which questions elicit the most effective response. The standard wellbeing surveys do not, unfortunately, contain many of these questions.

  • A report is sent to you with a list of recommendations based on the MED methodology; In order of effectiveness, the Mental Wellbeing Actions which are going to help your organisation get the most effective return on it's investment.

  • You have the option to meet your Mental Wellbeing Needs internally or pay for professional support. The most important thing is action that helps shape positive behaviour change in your teams and organisation.

Cost £500


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