Resilience Initiative Webinar

Helping professionals handle stress more effectively and cope better in Autumn 2017.

This form helps you book onto one of the mental wellbeing resilience webinars on the below dates. These webinars are part of our commitment to provide complimentary support to professional communities leading up to Mental Health Day in 2017.

On the morning of the webinar we will send you a nudge via email to join. The webinars will be via skype.

Tuesday 3rd Oct 12.30pm:

  • Strengthen Resilience - learn exactly what resilience is and how it can help you handle tough moments more effectively - approx 12 mins

Thursday 5th Oct 12.30pm:

  • 4 Breath Mindfulness & Email Excellence - learn the simplest way to develop self awareness, be less reactivate to negative thoughts and manage email more effectively - approx 12 mins

Keep expectations low. The aim is to inspire you to test at least one proven technique post webinar. How long have you wanted things to be different?

Which webinar would you like to join? Each one lasts 12 mins and places are limited *