Manage Mental Health


This course will help all managers:

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  • Improve your understanding of how stress impacts the brain and the different behaviours it can trigger in staff; anxiety, anger, frustration, behaviour change and poor communication.

  • Create a simple, effective plan, to help the team improve resilience in response to deadlines. Strengthen cohesiveness as a group and implement effective stress management strategies.

  • How to manage, support and protect staffs mental & physical wellbeing in line with the Equality Act Legislation.


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Scientists who can do science, administrators who can do accurate data entry, doctors who can diagnose. These are often referred to as core skills. These abilities are measurable. When it's measurable it's easier to manage.

‘Soft skills’ are harder to manage but equally important to the productivity of teams; perception, self control, verbal communication, self awareness. These skills shape how many of your team might be proactive or negative thinkers, be too passive or a bit of a bully, work to burnout or be lazy. Their effectiveness. But these skills are harder to measure and therefore much harder to manage.

This course has been designed to help you support and manage staffs mental fitness more effectively. Because there is one main indicator of a person's soft skill ability; how able they are to self manage stress. High levels of stress poorly managed will result in a steep decline in soft skills and therefore effectivensss and productivity of the team.

Manage stress more effectively, strengthen essential soft skills & stay in line with legislation. Improve productivity and wellbeing of the team.


Key Points Covered

  • Understand how stress affects the brain, productivity and quality of life.

  • Learn the key indicators of being over stressed and how these might be impacting your team's performance. Stress isn't all bad, some can be useful. Too much is bad news for everyone. Defining the difference is important.

  • Recognise the effects of bullying, harassment and low mental fitness of staff in line with the Equality Act Legislation (understand the key points of the 2014 Equality Act Legislation).

  • Clarify how this shapes your responsibilities as a manager and as a member of staff. What's acceptable. What's not. How to find out, if you are not sure.

  • Understand strategies you can put in place to protect staffs mental wellness and essential soft skills.

  • Learn how to conduct a 'temperature check' to determine what ‘quick win’ actions are best suited to your team and culture.

  • Learn some proven neuroscience techniques to help you and your team effectively recharge and refocus.


Course delivery:

  • 3 Hour Training Session - Morning Session.

  • Establish a simple 3 step action plan tailored to the needs of your team and culture.

  • Review 14 days later to confirm what's been successfully implemented, understand challenges faced and actionable solutions.


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Understand the Unacceptable & Manage Mental Health
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