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The Resilience Initiative

Reduce Stress

Strengthen Resilience

  Enhance Focus

Turn Awareness Into Action


"When we increase our resilience we build the courage to change our actions."


Helping Professionals Handle Stress More Effectively In Autumn 2017. Starts 9th October.


Plan A - Make a mini 'resilience commitment'  to yourself and use techniques proven by science to change your behaviour and create a useful habit. Helping you cope better and feel better - booking opens on 20th September.

Plan B - Attend one of the complimentary sessions taking place across Cambridge and London.  Or simply receive some complimentary tools to help you (and the people you care about) improve how you handle stress - booking opens on 20th September.

For some reason we have this misconception that mental health behaves differently to physical health. They follow the same pattern. Everyone at some point in the year will feel poorly. They take a few days off, eat more fruit & veg and get better. But what happens if we feel really stressed or overwhelmed? We tend to try and keep going. Not good. The Resilience Initiative helps you learn simple techniques, proven by science, to help your brain recover and strengthen (fruit and veg for your mind). Improve your mental wellbeing, cope better and feel better.

The Resilience Initiative is focused on offering everyone simple, proven techniques, to empower behaviour change. We aren't going to stop getting stressed, but with a little bit of help we can handle it much better.


How long have you wanted things to change? 

There was a moment, recently when you felt stressed and overwhelmed. You did your best to cope but it was hard. You felt the tension in your mind and body. Keeping it together was difficult. It's been difficult for a while, maybe a long time. Part of you knows there must be a better way to handle things. But finding out would take time. And time is one thing you don't have. So what can you do? When will things change?

The Resilience Initiative is designed to answer that question. 


Who is the Resilience Initiative for?

  • Knowledge Professionals (anyone who does a skilled job in an office or hospital)

  • Ambitious University Students (those who understand that peak performance is sustainable only when we learn how to manage stress, difficult thoughts and self criticism more effectively)

Why these two groups? These two groups have the challenge of feeling under almost constant time pressure. This not only increases your level of stress but more importantly means you are less likely to give yourself permission to do something about it. The Resilience Initiative focuses on providing you with MED (Minimum Effective Dose) resilience actions. To help you recharge, refocus and strengthen resilience in the shortest time.


What will a mini 'resilience commitment' help me do?

  • Take High Quality Mini Break at work and home

  • Reframe work related stress and respond more effectively

  • Manage difficult thoughts more effectively

  • Maintain the willpower to focus on the tasks that matter most

  • Give the people and things I care about most moments of undivided attention


The Science:

  • Proven resilience techniques edited down into the MED - Minimum Effective Dose - actions. The actions that will bring the biggest reward in the shortest time. Hand picked from Olympians, cancer patients, chief executives and bomb disposal experts. Learn from their experiences of dealing and overcoming extreme life situations.

  • The Ultimate Resilience Nudge Course; One simple action, once a day, for one week. Because that's how the studies show humans learn best. One thing per day. See. Do. Act. Benefit.

  • Feel supported and earn a reward. These two, simple, tiny factors, contribute significantly to behaviour change.


People who used resilience to gain the courage to keep going:

We will be adding to this list over the coming weeks. I have started with two famous people who inspire me but what I'm really interested in is your stories. How did you cope with a tough situation? How did you find the courage to recover? Maybe you have a resilient friend you look up to, what do they do? - any suggestions please send to: susan 'at' tinypause.co.uk - thanks for your help.

Marie Curie – At a time when few women in Europe were educated (hard to believe all this time later education for women around the world is still in such need) she was one of the few people to receive a Nobel Prize for both medicine and physics. Two Nobel Prizes. She is the main reason we have x-rays. Consider how many people that benefit today in just 24 hours. If ever there was an embodiment of resilience, for me Marie Curie is it.

Sheryl Sandberg: Imagine being the chief executive of one of the biggest technology companies in the world (facebook). With a family and job you love. And then you come downstairs one day and find your husband has died at home. Sheryl Sandberg's journey from that moment to searching for the resilience to cope has been turned into a book (Option B). I wasn't so keen on that book even though I really like the work of both of the authors. The book that she wrote which really inspired me was 'Lean In’. The courage to take on a male dominated industry and lead it is quite incredible.