Fit & Strong Attention. Tidy & Decluttered Mind.

Protect your attention. Protect you ability to focus & be happy.

Optimise your most influential ability - focused attention. Get more done & feel better.

Key Points:

  • Optimise your brain for higher cognitive tasks

  • Learn how to quickly recharge and refocus

  • Find a moment each day for quality rest and perspective

  • Enhance your ability to be decisive

  • Reduce overwhelming negative thoughts

  • Feel calmer and more in control

  • Develop you self awareness to put emotions, people and situations into perspective

  • Create a useful & effective habit

Tidy Mind Journey.jpg
A good decision today is better than a perfect decision in 2 days time
— Mark Jones, Adviser to Barach Obama

How is it delivered?

Experience 14 proven techniques from neuroscience & best selling authors

Identify which ones work best for you

Take the attention test before you begin. Have a score to aim for as you reach the finish. Understand your progression.

Conveniently tailored to fit into your day

Feel a sense of personal achievement

Earn a Gratitude Plant. Sits on your desk post course to strengthen your habit & benefit you. The carrot to make sure you beat your assessment score in 14 days. 

Our Investment into the course:

  • Over 40 best selling books
  • Over 15 years experience of attention training & self development
  • Over 100 scientific papers studied
  • Over 1000 people tested the techniques

Cost of books alone is £400. Cost to you £34. Less than £2 per day.

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