Use mindfulness & neuroscience techniques to help reduce anxiety, strengthen memory and enhance test performance.

It took just over 4000 people to help create Test Best. That combined with my own children's experience.

I have helped many people learn and apply the benefit of mindfulness to their daily lives. (list of types of people from NN).

But it was wanting to bring that professional experience into my own home to support my children with the anxiety they felt about school & uni.

The data is simple & unequivocal:

1. Every human being gets anxious (all of us experience fight or flight sensation)

2. When we experience this the part of our brain used for study and problem solving (prefrontal cortex momentarily shuts down).

3. So the most anxious study and learning feel harder because it actually does get harder.


The course works in 4 steps;

1. Activating the part of your brain most effective for learning and study with mindfulness

2. Managing difficult thoughts and emotions more effectively - so they interfere less with the learning process - and of course how you feel

3. Improving sleep to strengthen the quality of your memories - plus your immune system - learning is even harder when we are ill

4. Establish mini daily rituals that you can use anytime you need need them - at home, in the library and of course, maybe most importantly- the exam.