Super Sleep Method

Feel more in control of your sleep

Proven, effective methods, with noticeable results within one week.

"You can't control your sleep, but you can control the actions that result in higher quality sleep".


Key Points:

  • Learn the importance of sleep for both performance and health

  • Establish a routine that helps you get the amount of sleep your need (or at least a noticeable sleep increase)

  • Understand the 3 core elements which result in more effective sleep - proven by sleep studies

  • Improve your ability to achieve High Quality Mini Rests to help you unwind from work and effectively prepare for sleep


How is it delivered?

  • One Hour Seminar

  • Habit Forming Nudge Course

One hour seminar session to learn the techniques, understand the neuroscience and acknowledge which of our current habits help us and which hinder us. Feel confident about what we need to change and how we can change it.

The Super Sleep Method Nudge Course. One simple nudge a day to help the creation of useful habits. Bringing the techniques into your day to make them accessible. Delivered via email. Simple, easy to understand & do.

The Nudge Course also has an optional competition element. The people with the biggest progress (no matter their starting point) win the opportunity to have a bunch of flowers sent to a person of their choice (in the UK). Why? Because everyone behaves differently when they know action is measured - even if only in a fun way.

Maximum number of attendees: 200

Cost £650 - Nudge Course up to 50 people

Cost £850 - Nudge Course up to 200 people


The Personal & Professional Benefits:

  • Lack of sleep impacts our ability to manage stress, think clearly and concentrate - improving sleep improves all of these things

  • Create a little space each day to prepare for better sleep. If you exercise you warm up - if you want better sleep - warm down

  • Understand which sleep techniques you might be able to fit into your day or lifestyle

  • We spend a third of our life sleeping, we seem to expect it should 'just happen'. If one third of your life doesn't go that well, how much do you think it affects the rest of your life?


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