Strengthen Team Relationships

Reduce Stress  

Reframe 'Negative' Data

Enhance Communication


"Studies show the strength of social cohesion (quality of relationships) has a bigger impact on team performance than collective IQ or experience"

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What's The Concept?

How often do you struggle with stress and difficult thoughts? How often do you feel appreciated by others? What if the solution to both was the same thing?

The Strong Appreciation Model works on a simple premise proven by behavioural science; It's much easier for us to express self compassion (to be kinder to ourselves) when we express regular appreciation to the people we work and live with.

Studies show that the most effective teams have the highest levels of social cohesion (strength of relationships) and that this is more important (for quality of work and peace of mind) that collective IQ or experience.

Many of us already express appreciation to each other. The Strong Appreciation Model will be looking at enhancing how we express appreciation to reduce our levels of stress and strengthen the relationships that we find most challenging.

The bottom line is that you are important. But you also feel really busy. So we need to focus on small wins that bring noticeable results quickly. 


How does it work?

Step 1:  Book in your team's, department's or organisation's Strong Appreciation fortnight.

Step 2: This begins with the Strong Appreciation introduction session (1.5 hour);

  • Learn why appreciation (from a behavioural science perspective) is so important for team productivity

  • Understand how improved appreciation reduces individual stress and strengthens mental wellbeing (self awareness & resilience)

  • Discuss as a group - current challenges within the team and identify the simplest actions you can take to improve effectiveness on a regular basis

  • Make a commitment as an individual and team - Choose from a menu of proven techniques and be specific about how you are going to test the value of increased recognition and high quality mini breaks

Your Strong Appreciation Fortnight begins that day and will end in two weeks. A simple and clear call to action.

Step 3: Simple 'behavioural nudges' are sent to the team via email to help them express specific appreciation and develop the habit of high quality breaks to recharge & refocus.

Step 4: Outcomes & Sign Off. This can be a summery document sent to all staff with key learns. Or a dedicated 1 hour session. Discus what's proven effective, what changes have occured and the benefits experienced. Agree a simple process to maintain the momentum culturally - something low on effort but high on effectiveness.


The Professional Benefits:

  • Strengthen relationships & enhance communication

  • Develop self awareness, empathy and self regulation (deal with the tough situations more effectively)

  • Increase confidence of individuals and the team as a whole 

  • Achieve clarity of perspective quicker - more decisive, effective decisions


The Personal Benefits:

  • Reduce self criticism - learn a more effective response to stress

  • Manage challenging situations and relationships more effectively

  • Create a little space each day for higher quality mini breaks -to recharge willpower and feel calmer.

  • Create a moment for yourself to find a little perspective. Less mindless rushing and more productive action.


The Inspiration Behind It

Lots of people are managed with negative data; what's gone wrong, mistakes, how far behind target, etc. This data is obviously vital and important. However, it causes a sensation of almost continual stress and anxiety. While also creating a mindset of ‘let's look for the negative’.

The aim of Strong Appreciation is to balance out the impact of the negative data (reduce stress, enhance focus & strengthen relationships) with the positive data. To help celebrate the wins, the progress, the achievements. Creating a simple process that helps protect staffs mental wellbeing while strengthening relationships in teams to increase productivity.


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