Phone Freedom Week + Restorative Focus Award

Phone Freedom Week + Restorative Focus Award


Our aim is to help you protect one moment per day for a moment free of distraction. Empowering you to reduce stress, recharge focus and strengthen relationships. It includes three steps:

  1. Live Session - learn the science, get inspired, make a weekly plain tailored to your aims and lifestyle.

  2. Get in training over Phone Freedom Week to strengthen your focus muscle (begins first Monday after the session). One moment a day to put your phone down and focus on something that gives you a sense of meaning. One week of daily nudges to help you convert proven techniques into a protective habit.

  3. Earn the Restorative Focus Award - prove to yourself that you have learnt how to protect yourself from distraction, strengthen your focus muscle and established a protective habit.

Create a shield to protect your mental wellbeing. Reduce guilt and stress, enhance focus and strengthen relationships.

See below for all details of what’s included.

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This option includes:

  • one hour live session to learn the science, understand the benefits most important to you and make a plan to help you reach them. Learn the answers to these popular questions;

  • What are the main reasons we unconsciously reach for our phone so often?

  • How do mobile phones erode trust and impact relationships?

  • From a neuroscience perspective, how do mobile phones impact our focus and willpower?

  • Practice a simple attention training (mini mindfulness) technique to improve mini restorative breaks, manage stress and increase self awareness.

  • Create a plan for your daily ‘restorative focus moment’ each day.

  • Demonstrate your commitment and earn the ‘Restorative Focus Award’

  • The ‘ Restorative Focus Award’ sis a test at the end of the week to prove you have converted good intentions into useful actions. The studies show that mini tests are an effective way to help cement knowledge. As a reward when you send you a goody bag once you pass the test. A way to recognise your achievement and provide you with a few useful things to help sustain effective behaviour change.