Maintenance Fast Icon - made in canva here

How to structure your one day fast to meet your needs and lifestyle

How to make sure your fast starts and ends on time via email or text

How to overcome the odd hunger pang (happens less than you imagine)

Certificate of completion - its a postcard but its worth it

Positive reinforcement techniques (carrot & stick to optimum effect)

Your name (and photo - we love your selfies) in our hall of fame

Maintenance Fast + fat burning techniques

Just as above but also including: 

How to exercise (3 options anyone can do - supported by over 1000 scientific studies) and more importantly when to exercise (during your fast) to burn the optimum amount of fat.

How to follow up your fast with an ' eating window' each day to help you build on the benefits of your one day fast.

Maintenance Fast + attention training techniques

Just as above but also including:

3 simple attention training (mindfulness - supported by over 600 scientific studies) techniques to help you manage difficult thoughts more effectively and recharge focus.

How to create a mini mindfulness habit that works for you to help you prevent emotional eating and find it easier to put things into perspective.