Update on 5th April: SOLD OUT! - Thank you for your support.

Please DON'T purchase as we can't guarantee when they will be in next.

UPDATE on 4th April 2016: Our latest batch has been delivered. 

Due to limited print runs it's invite only to buy. If we invited you here - you are special.

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How many would you like? P&P is free

Your help to bring an idea to life. Crowdfunding the old new way.

The short story:

Over 14 years of practicing mindfulness and looking to bring simple benefits into the lives of others; (doctors, managers, admin teams, scientists, CEO's, teachers, examiners, programmers, students, designers). A couple of things became clear:

Best selling books present ideas of how to get stuff done and improve almost anything in your life.

The books are backed up by 1000's of scientific studies.

So why weren't more people actually bringing these actions into their lives? Or at least just the easiest and most effective ones?

To cut a long story short we have created a product that does it for you, and it's really simple.

It works on two key principles:

1. Vision trumps all other senses. If we see it, we do it.

2. Prioritising. Get more bang for your buck by taking the simplest actions that bring the biggest benefit.

We could tell you about all the doctors, scientists, CEO's, mums and teachers who have tested it. But frankly who cares, - will it actually work for you? Yes it will.

Because you don't need a smartphone, or a mind from MENSA. You just need a pen or pencil. And a moment to convert desire into tiny actions. (And watch these actions become habits that make your life easier.)

Nimble Note Crowdfunding page - as of today:

Target: 100 Nimble Note's sold by 2nd November 2015

What does crowdfunding mean? Well in our case it means we have a simple idea which we have brought to life and tested. Now its over to the crowd (that's you). Our target is 100 pads sold by 2nd November. This will help us pass a vital test - you believe enough in the Nimble Note to pay for one. You believe it will help you (and those you care about) keep a vital promise to yourself: a moment each day for me. To improve how I feel & perform in an effective, simple way, that's easy to fit into my day.