Recharge & Refocus Mini Course

Reduce self criticism & enhance focus

A mini course to support you to create effective Recharge & Refocus Habits

Using mindfulness & neuroscience based techniques

Establish a mini routine that works for you and your lifestyle 

Sleep better, feel more confident and get clarity on your aims

Simple & Effective

Where do you spend most of your time;

at work, at home or in your head?

What might change if you were less self critical and could see the bigger picture?


Vision trumps all other senses. When you see it, you do it.





Record action in a format proven by science to shift behaviour.


Immediate reward. Tiny improvements immediately build foundations for useful habits.

Recharge & Refocus - MRC Lab - Cambridge

MRC staff receive a £10 discount - just click on the drop down menu above

The location of the course is MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Addenbrookes Campus.

Taking place on Wed 7th & Wed 14th September: 1pm - 1.50pm

Places strictly limited due to room size.

2 x sessions - 50 mins per session: 1pm - 1.50pm



  • Two dedicated training sessions to learn the techniques first hand - see dates above.

  • Habit forming techniques proven by behavioural science to create a recipe that works for you.

  • Learn 4 useful mini mindfulness techniques for daily life.

  • Learn 3 hacks from neuroscientists & nobel prize winning psychologists.

  • Two mindfulness practises to download and keep.

  • A complimentary copy of the Super Sleep Method book - because whatever your aim - improved sleep improves everything.

100+ studies provide the proof. We provide the plan.

Why this course?

A simple, effective introduction to tiny actions that are proven to have significant benefits;

  • Enhanced focus

  • More effectively manage difficult thoughts

  • Easier to find perspective

  • Feel more confident & patient

  • Be less self critical and focus on what really matters


"To get a different outcome you have to take a different action"


Some of our clients:

Recharge & Refocus - MRC Lab - Cambridge