Mini Mindfulness

The science and benefits in a simple, easy to understand way.

"Manage stress more effectively and you become more effective"


Key Points:

  • A simple introduction to what mindfulness is and how to do it

  • Manage difficult thoughts more effectively - reduce stress

  • Enhance focus - protect brain power for the most important tasks

  • Develop self awareness - find clarity of perspective quicker


The Professional Benefits:

  • Protect yourself from distraction to enhance focus

  • Protect time for higher cognitive tasks

  • Achieve clarity of perspective quicker - more decisive, effective decisions


The Personal Benefits:

  • Reduce self criticism - learn a more effective response to stress

  • Create a little space each day for higher quality mini breaks. To recharge willpower and feel calmer.

  • Create a moment for yourself to find a little perspective. Less mindless rushing and more productive actions.


How is it delivered?

  • One Hour Seminar

  • Habit Forming Nudge Course

One hour seminar session to learn what mindfulness is and some simple mindfulness techniques to help you self manage stress. Understand some of the latest science behind it and what other benefits are possible. Learn the difference between high quality rest and low quality rest. Feel confident about how you can achieve more high quality breaks.

To bring these benefits into our daily life the seminar is followed by the Mini Mindfulness Nudge Course. One simple nudge a day (over one week) to help the creation of useful habits. Bringing the techniques into your day to make them accessible. Delivered via email. Simple, easy to understand & do.

The Mini Mindfulness Nudge Course also has an optional competition element. The people with the biggest progress (no matter their starting point) win the opportunity to have a bunch of flowers sent to a person of their choice (in the UK). Why? Because everyone behaves differently when they know action is measured - even if only in a fun way.

Maximum number of attendees: 200

Cost £650 - up to 50 people - includes Nudge Course

Cost £850 - up to 200 people - includes Nudge Course


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