Mini Courses - Create Habits That Optimise You

"So your emotional state really has a lot to do with what you're thinking about and what you're paying attention to.......Behind every negative thought is a positive intention. How you feel and perform changes for the better once you can find it".
Daniel Kahneman, Author & Nobel Prize Winner

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Break Negative Thought Loop Options

How a Mini Course Works:

You book onto the 1 hour training session (or you pay half price & learn at home).

You learn effective techniques proven by science

You create a mini plan that combines your aims and lifestyle

You receive support to help you create effective habits to Break Negative Thought Loops

Mini Course Includes:

Habit forming techniques based on MED - Minimal Effective Dose - Focus energy on biggest influencing factors

Specially designed Break Negative Thought Loops notepad - bring proven techniques easily to your desk to help you quickly when you need it

2 Mini Mindfulness practices to download and keep

7 day Habit Forming Nudge Course via email

Break Negative Thought Loops Benefits:

  • Break Negative Thought Loops quicker

  • Find it easier to find perspective

  • Reach clarity - see things as they really are (not as a negative loop thinks they are)

  • Establish a routine that works for you to reduce difficult & anxious thoughts

  • Feel calmer & less overwhelmed

Break Negative Thought Loop Options

Some of our clients: