Mental Fitness Week


One inclusive week to help everyone in your organisation reduce stress, enhance focus and strengthen resilience.


Overview - Key Points:

  • Launches first week of May 2018. Book your Mental Fitness Week anytime in 2018 that suits your organistion best. Places limited.  

  • Help all staff take higher quality mini breaks during the working day to reduce stress.

  • Empower staff to recharge their focus ability, making it easier to manage demanding workload.

  • Support staff to learn some simple self care techniques to manage difficult thoughts more effectively - lots of people suffer in silence from self criticism that impacts their confidence and mental wellbeing.

  • Use behavioural science to trigger effective behaviour change and provide all participants with a simple reward for giving it a go.

  • Links in with HSE guidelines and all techniques supported by 100's of studies.

Over 12,000 people showed us what proves effective

All techniques supported by science

Empower effective behaviour change

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The Inspiration:

Working with surgeons, scientists, programmers and admin teams (to name but a few) has taught us a lot. Humans are funny creatures. Most of us work hard and would like to reduce our stress levels and recharge our focus. It's almost certain that we know of at least one technique to help us achieve these aims. However, often we don't seem to be able to use these useful technquies when we need them. Why not? Although there are many reasons for this, science has shown us one of the biggest influencing factors. We are tribal creatures, we tend to conform to the behaviour that surrounds us. So if it looks like everybody is working really hard, then it feels difficult to give ourselves permission to take a proper break. Even though 100's of studies show us that we will feel better and perform better if we take high quality, short breaks, more frequently.

The core idea of Mental Fitness Week is to empower effective behaviour change;

  • To help all people create a mini self care habit, using high quality mini breaks, to noticeably reduce stress and enhance focus.
  • Make it easier for everyone to access the wealth of provision and support for mental wellbeing that already exists.

Which Option Is Best For Us?

Option 1: Invite all your staff to join in with your Mental Fitness Week. Use it as an easy win to support organisational mental wellbeing and health. Includes:

Specific Mental Fitness calendar behavioural nudges for all staff to help increase high quality mini breaks to reduce stress and enhance focus over your Mental Fitness Week.

A Mental Fitness Kit to help provide people with 'see and do' actions to help them access techniques science has shown us strengthens resilience. (Choose group or individual packs).

Daily check in email to help keep people on track while supporting them with techniques, supported by neuroscience, to learn how to manage difficult thoughts more effectively.

Includes direct links to supportive and clinical approved mental health provision to make it easy for staff to access additional help without having to visit HR. (Provided by NHS and Mental Health charities).

Make sure every participant receives a reward to recognise their effort and commitment.

Analysis of the organisational data. What elements did staff engage with the most? Shape a more effective mental wellbeing strategy for the future.


Up to 100 staff / OR up to 500 staff + multiple site & international reach

Standard: as above = £400/ £800 

Optimise: same as above + live 1 hour seminar launch session = £800/ £1200.

Tailored: same as above + tailored and personalised to your culture = £1400/ £1800.

Read more about how to optimise your organisations Mental Fitness Week with a live seminar session and other options. 

Your participation helps others. We gift a group mental fitness kit to a school or hospital in the UK for each organistion who participates. You can tell us where you would like this to be.

Book In Or Get More Info:

Anything else you'd like to know about:


Optimising Options:

Each organisational culture is slightly different, experience has shown us engaging a group of scientists is different to a group of programmers or admin teams.

These options are here to help you optimise the impact and momentum you want to create for mental wellbeing in your organistion around Mental Fitness Week.

Mental Fitness Live Seminar session - 1 hour up to 200 people + £400.

Combing neuroscience, mini mindfulness and triggers for behavioural change. Simple proven strategies to reduce stress, enhance focus and strengthen resilience.

Individual Mental Fitness Kit for each member of staff  + £10 per person.

A simple kit to make it easy for anyone to take effective action with these mental wellbeing aims: Enhance focus, manage difficult thoughts, improve sleep and handle a difficult conversation.

Habit Forming Nudge Cards - give every member of staff a card for them to keep track of their High Quality Mini Breaks. Along with a special stamp and postbox - + £200. 

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Scientific Support:

  • Physical activity, even in small amounts, benefits both physical and psychological well-being - click here  - Cambridge University study

  • How taking a break away form our desk recharges our focus battery - click here

  • A life saving stroll - click here

  • 5 Science-Backed Ways Taking a Break Boosts Our Productivity - click here

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Prominent People:

How prominent people use High Quality Mini Breaks to strengthen their mental fitness;

  • Einstein = Walk once a day, everyday.
  • Mary Warnock, Baroness Warnock = daily walk.
  • Charles Darwin = Walk at lunch.
  • Octavia Hill = Daily walk in the closest possible green space.
  • Winston Churchill = Daily bath at 11am.
  • Emily Maitlis = Daily run.
  • Charles Darwin = Walk at lunch.
  • C.S Lewis = Walk and talk with a friend after lunch.
  • Sigmund Freud = Walk around vienna Ringstrasse before lunch.
  • Charles Dickens = Walk around London in the afternoon.

National Mental Fitness Week has been inspired by all the excellent work our clients do to support their teams:

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