Making it easier for organisations to effectively support staff's Mental Wellbeing.

"Converts improved awareness into effective behaviour change."

Training over 12,000 people across multiple sectors inspired the Mental Fitness Kit. The simple story is humans cope better with stress when they can take action. The Mental Fitness Kit makes it easier for you to take useful actions, proven by science.

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Key Points:

  • Makes it easier for all managers and staff to access and recommend simple, proven techniques for mental health and wellbeing.

  • Uses behavioural science to trigger effective behaviour change for all teams.

  • Helps ease the burden of workplace stress - now the biggest cause of absenteeism, poor communication in teams and staff turnover.

  • Meets a significant gap in organisational mental health strategy - provides 'see and do' techniques making it easier to access help when someone needs it.

  • Uses established techniques proven by over a combined 1000 scinetific studies.

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How The Techniques Benefit Staff:

  • Reduce self criticism - learn a more effective response to stress.

  • Protect yourself from distraction to enhance focus.

  • Improve sleep to aid physical and mental health.

  • Handle a difficult conversation more effectively.

  • Achieve clarity of perspective quicker - more decisive, effective decisions.

  • When you feel like you can't cope, access effective help without having to tell anyone and feel judged.

  • Simple to follow techniques to access the support you need today. Increase the quality of your breaks.

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How It Works:

Mental Fitness Kit - Provide effective support with a stand alone Mental Fitness Kit for each location your organisation has a First Aid Kit. See MFK contents below. 

Solution A - Effectively meet and support staffs mental health and wellbeing in the areas set out by the governments Health & Safety Executive. See options below.

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Solution A - Mental Wellbeing Options

Mental Fitness Kit - The 'first aid kit' to effectively support Mental Wellbeing - £45 per team kit.

Mental Wellbeing - Mental Fitness Kit + yearly Nudge Course - choose best topic for your organisation - £600. The simplest and most inclusive way to gently and effectively support all staff's mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Wellbeing Plus - Mental Fitness Kit + 1 hour launch session + Nudge Course - choose best topic for your organisation - £800. Same as above with the added support of a live seminar session to help people understand why humans are prone to certain behaviours and effective strategies proven by science to help overcome them.

Professional - Strengthen Team Wellbeing - £ cost per organisation's size and aims. Helps each manager and team establish the best suited mental wellbeing habits to help them consistently reduce stress, enhance focus and strengthen resilience. 

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