Strengthen relationships, solve problems & meet deadlines

You're a human, not a number. So are your team.  Proven, effective methods, with noticeable results within one week.

"The key is not to prioritise what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities."

Based on the work and proven time management techniques of PhD MIT professor Carl Newport.

Key Points:

  • Focus your energy strategically instead of reactively - increase productivity

  • Establish a system that works for you to achieve your core tasks & the organisation's core aims

  • How to manage your own expectations and those of your colleagues

  • Establish 1 high quality mini break to relieve stress & recharge focus


How is it delivered?

One hour seminar session to learn the techniques, understand the neuroscience and acknowledge which of our current habits help us and which hinder us. Feel confident about what we need to change and how we can change it.

A 5 day Nudge Course. 1 simple nudge a day to help the creation of useful habits. Bringing the techniques into your day to make them accessible. Delivered via email. Simple, easy to understand & do.

The Nudge Course also has an optional competition element. The people with the biggest progress (no matter their starting point) win the opportunity to have a bunch of flowers sent to a person of their choice (in the UK). Why? Because everyone behaves differently when they know they are competing.


The Professional Benefits:

  • Protect yourself from distraction to enhance focus

  • Plan effectively to spend more time on Deep Work (the stuff that matters) and less time on Shallow Work (overwhelming admin)

  • Protect time for higher cognitive tasks


The Personal Benefits:

  • Feel more on top of work - this confidence reduces the nagging thoughts about work when at home

  • Create a little space each day for higher quality mini breaks. To recharge willpower and feel calmer.

  • Effectively plan time to be with the people you care about, instead of just 'fitting them in' around all the other 'life admin'.

  • Create a moment for yourself to find a little perspective. Less mindless rushing and more productive actions.


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