The simplest, most effective way to get focused & organised.

One spray and nothing will stand in your way.

The productivity benefits of 100+ studies


What is Focus On?

  • A spray & a notepad that work together to help you focus better

How does it work?

Your ability to focus is dependent on your mood. Feel good and challenges are conquered. Feel bad and challenges eat you up and spit you out.

Step 1: Focus On uses your sense of smell to get you 'mentally in the zone' Your sense of smell is the most powerful sense in the body to get your brain into gear.

Step 2: Focus on uses a unique mini notepad to keep you on track. Over 600 scientific studies support the mini actions in the notepad. You will be familiar with most of them. What's different is how the notepad helps remind you to do them just when you need them. 


Or from a neuroscience perpsctive:

6 slide presnetion here

the 'chimp' part of your brain exiist to prpotect you from threats. And the conatsnt flow of inomfration and deadlines in our lives means teh chimp has a hard time, so as a sfatey mechims it lables all new data as a threat. As a probem. This erodes our willpower and good mood. Making focus harder than ever.



Rewiring your brain with gratitude is proven to bring these benefits:

  • Reframe self blame quickly to let go of difficult thoughts

  • Recharge self confidence and self esteem

  • See the bigger picture - crystal clear clarity of perspective

  • Commit to actions that lead to better sleep and more frequent exercise

  • Be more organised - spend your time on the stuff that really matters to you and those you care about


The Science:


The Gratitude Habit Challenge Includes:

  • Learn how to apply gratitude techniques to your most common triggers

  • Apply gratitude to nurture the relationships which are most important to you

  • Create a mini daily routine to practice daily wins and buffer you from the stress of everyday day work and family life

  • Understand how increased gratitude leads to improved sleep, stronger immune system and regular exercise

  • A special Gratitude & Mini Mindfulness mug OR t-shirt. Visual cues keep habits strong.

Also Includes 2 weeks Habit forming Nudges, support & complimentary Super Sleep Method Book - RRP £12.99

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