Mini Recharge & Refocus 1on1

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Mini Recharge & Refocus 1on1


The Mini Recharge & Refocus 1on1 with Tiny Pause Founder Sam Thorogood. Feel listened to, get some things off your to-do list and reduce stress.

This session includes:

  • Dedicated 20 min 1on1 phone session
  • Create the space to feel heard and find perspective
  • Agree on 1-3 techniques tailored to your lifestyle to help you recharge & refocus  more effectively.
  • Confirm your mini to-do list plan and feedback on your achievements 1 week later
  • A tiny reward sent to you in the post to help recognise your achievement and provide you with some proven techniques to support you in the future

You choose a timeslot and we send you some dates to choose from.

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