Focus & Done

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Master Time Nudge.jpg

Focus & Done


Swap time on your phone for getting things done that really matter. Reduce self criticism, get closer to your life aims and feel better. Use simple tools from behavioural science in a format that works for people with a life full of commitments.


  • A simple digital detox box to keep your phone in; helping you switch off
  • Tailored wristbands (like at swimming pools) simply put one on - your not allowed to take it off until your task is complete
  • The booklet - most people don't read a whole book. They want the techniques made simple. Includes the 5 most effective productivity techniques
  • Some behavioural nudges via email to help you stay on track
  • Mini mindfulness technique (including guided download) to help you reduce stress and find perspective
  • Benefit from an Accountability Referee - someone to keep you on track
  • We donate £2 of your purchase to charity Ditch The Label. This will go towards helping a child impacted by online bullying.
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