From Monique to Catermasters

Thank you for such a happy and well organised Xmas lunch! The food was delicious, the service was brilliant and the atmosphere was amazing, thank you!

From Sylwia Dzula to Peter H. and Samantha V.

Thank you for all your help with all my meetings and for always being so accommodating, even it is really last minute. Thank you for all your hard work it's really appreciated.

From Emma Walters to Catermasters

Thank you for a gorgeous Christmas dinner and all the amazing food and drink you do throughout the year! The quality of food and the great customer service makes us the envy of the whole Campus to have you! :-)

From Fran to Paula Baines

Thank you for your very efficient support for me and the rest of the Jodrell Group!

From Caldas Lab to Marion

Thanks to Marion, for making life easier to all of us! You are an instrumental part on our work!

From Tash Sabbah to Katie Edwards

Thank you so much Katie for all your help since I started working at the Cambridge Cancer Centre. You have helped me so much and been so patient - I am very grateful!

From Alasdair to PGE team

Thank you all for all your hard work throughout the year! We've achieved some pretty amazing things (CRISPR'ing anything that moves, novel therapeutic studies, establishing a world leading PDX resource, making newer, fancier models of disease). I'm excited about what 2017 will bring!