How to change the way you feel in 2 mins or less

Read here or watch video below. It is worth 20 mins to watch. You can read in 5 mins.

I have been experimenting with incorporating the quickest way to change how I feel (and therefore my behaviour/ quality of actions I take) alongside my mindfulness practice.

What has been reinforced is that the ' 4 breath pause ' helps create the space to remember to take actions like this.

Therefore mindfulness is not just about ' releasing tension/anxiety/frustration or being calmer ' but also a highly effective way to improve the actions we take.

Helping us create the space to switch from ' average autopilot ' to ' effective excellence '.

More stuff like this to follow in the coming weeks.

For now take 4 breaths. Right now. This moment. Slow conscious breaths. 4 times in. 4 times out. Then Pause.

Now ask yourself ' what 1 action can I take right now to improve my next hour? ' Aim low. Begin now.

Have a lovely day.