Optimise your child's response to stress so you both worry less & cope better


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A* Stress Reduction Benefits:

  • Empower your child to manage their stress and anxiety more effectively using 5 techniques proven by science

  • Make these proven methods an easy part of your daily routine

  • Develop your child's confidence in your ability to understand and empathise with their most difficult feelings - so they share them more often

  • Learn how to establish a High Quality Mini Rest each day for you and your child to protect mental wellbeing and optimise their mind for learning

  • Strengthen relationships with your children (of all ages) and your partner

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How confident are you that your child can self manage stress?

UK Parents 2016 - 114 replies to our own survey across Cambridge & London

The 5 Facts that led me to create this course:

The important study published last year showing clearly that the most important factor influencing our child's mental wellbeing is NOT how much time we spend with them but HOW we behave around them (how happy, stressed, busy, calm, rushed are we?)

Parents are short on time. They want proven methods which are easy to access, don't involve email and make personal contact convenient.

Parents are more motivated to change their behaviour if they can understand that it will not only help their child, but themselves as well.

Having 4 children (son & daughters aged 11, 11, 14 & 21) and learning what works (and what doesn't) through exam stress, bullying, new schools, friend break ups, low confidence, relationship stress, sports teams and much, much more.

My work with leading schools. Parents want the best for their children. Many struggle to help their child learn to self manage stress and anxiety effectively, even though it is often top of their priority list.


From Harvard University:

"Learning how to cope with adversity is an important part of healthy child development. When we are threatened, our bodies prepare us to respond by increasing our heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones, such as cortisol. When a child’s stress response systems are activated within an environment of supportive relationships with adults, these physiological effects are buffered and brought back down to baseline.  However, if the stress response is extreme and long-lasting, and buffering relationships are unavailable to the child, the result can be damaged, weakened systems and brain architecture, with lifelong repercussions."


How A* Stress Reduction Works:

You think ' Yes I want to help my child self manage stress and anxiety more effectively

You book onto the next start date - below - places limited

You receive 5 A* Stress Reduction Cards. It's one action a day over one week. The most effective, proven methods, presented in way that is easy to understand, implement and do.

At the end of the week you drop in for a face to face chat and bring your cards with you. You have a window of time (15 mins) to talk through your experience and ask any questions. If you can't make the drop in, we book in a phone call.

If you submit 1 A* Stress Reduction Card successfully implemented you pass. If you complete 4 or more you earn a prize. (The prize is small and lovely).

* All course include a Power Pause notepad for the household. And a special NEW guided mindfulness practice to help reduce stressful thoughts and emotions at the end of the day.


Why Does A* Stress Reduction work?

1. Grounded in science. Combines behavioural science with techniques proven to help reduce your child's stress and anxiety. Because no one needs another half read book. We want effective behaviour change.

2. It makes part of your day easier. It's not something to add to a busy schedule. It makes the current schedule easier to manage while reducing stressful situations.

3. Because humans are motivated by reward. And nothing is more rewarding for a parent then seeing your child overcome a difficult situation, problem or experience.

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